August 14, 2020
Ten types of freelance writing

Know the types types of freelance writing


One of the reasons most freelance writers are not doing well in the freelance writing business is because they refuse to distinguish their area of specialization. They want to appear as professionals in all fields and probably believe that would help them get more jobs. But would it?

Knowing the types of freelancing writing is essential for you as a professional freelance writer. One of the reasons most freelance writers are not doing well in the freelance writing business is because they refuse to distinguish their area of specialization. They want to appear as professionals in all fields and probably believe that would help them get more jobs. But would it?

The writing industry is more dynamic than it was before, and it would be old fashioned for a freelance writer to be introducing himself or herself as just a content writer without having any area of specialization. Apparently, one can’t regard such a person as a professional freelance writer, since you are virtually into everything. I mean, do you use the same approach for technical writing and scriptwriting? And how do you combine copywriting with news reports?

Your prospects are looking at these things when deciding if you can handle their projects or not. And do not forget 70% of clients contact about three freelancers at a go. Please tell me what happens if you one of the freelance writers specialize in the area your prospect need. You would miss out. To avoid this, I have listed ten types of freelance writing that you can specialize in. Do well to discover the one that falls in your categories and understand it better.

  1. Creative Writing

Creative writing is an art of communicating your ideas and thought imaginatively. It involves using all kinds of literary devices like characters, events, and scenarios to capture your audience’s attention. Basically, most freelance writers in creative writing often specialize in ghostwriting eBooks, novels, children’s stories, and others.

Nevertheless, the prospect of creative writing goes beyond that. You can employ creative writing into articles, product descriptions, ads writing, and even copywriting. Many clients hate boring content, especially those that are less concerned about SEO but engagement with their audience. Content in these categories includes product description, tour review, and many more.

  1. Copywriting

While many people often confuse copywriting with content writing, the two are entirely different. Copywriting, in its original form, regards to as contents that are specifically written to generate sales. A lenient definition can broaden it to any content written to promote business while also being in constant touch with your customers and potential. Whichever definition you intend to settle for, copywriting is specially designed for business purposes.

A specialized freelance copywriter can consider other aspects of copywriting like website copywriting, email marketing, landing page, brochure writing, advertisement writing, white papers, etc. If you are the type who prefers working in an organization, it would be great if you consider a content marketing company.

  1. Website Content Writing

Website content or web copy is the process of writing engaging content for business websites. The aim is to inform the public about the company while keeping the readers engaged and playing the trick of marketing the business services to readers.

Good website content requires a snippet of copywriting and technical writing, depending on the business niche. It must be clear, concise, and readers friendly. SEO is another essential skill a professional website content writer must have to enhance the website ranking on the search engines.

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  1. Scriptwriting

Scriptwriting, otherwise known as screenwriting, is an aspect of creative writing whereby you write scripts for movie production. This doesn’t mean it has to be the convention movie parse. It could be for a YouTube video, web series, video animation, and even advertisement. A professional scriptwriter can also go into vast areas like writing script for video games or large movie production.

Going into scriptwriting might require some technical writing knowledge, especially for a gaming script and copywriting, if you are delving into advertisement writing. However, the primary skill you can’t do without is creativity. Nobody enjoys washing boring videos.

  1. Journalism

A freelance writer can go into journalism. You will be writing news reports and articles for newspapers, blogs, journals, magazines, and others. Meanwhile, there is a difference between writing a news report for a newspaper publication and writing news reports for online news blogs. The former requires a good knowledge of SEO while the latter does not.

Moreover, it is uncommon for a newspaper columnist to write listicles, which is very common for blogs. A freelance journalist writer can also specialize in Press Release writing and distribution.

  1. Business Writing

Business writing is another types of freelance writing that a freelance writer can specialize in. It is broad and requires some effective marketing to reach your prospects, which are corporations. Business writing covers many aspects like grant writing, business plan, pitch, formal letter, and many more. Business writing is always clear and concise without any form of ambiguous statements.

Many businesses employ a full-time business writer who works within their working environment. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t give work to freelance writers. They do. And often time, they are long-term projects which makes it more beautiful.

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  1. Technical Writing

Naturally, the word, technical writing is directly used for contents that are directly related to technology. However, the term can also be used for any content that requires some technical knowledge before you can understand them. And this is where your work comes in, to simplify the content for regular people to understand it.

Technical writing is broad and extensive, which makes it easier for you to see jobs. Moreover, the demand is very high, and the payment is high. A freelance technical writer can specialize in niches like business-related writing, cryptocurrency, legal writing, software, and others. Please go into a niche you aren’t good at. It is always complicated and requires some form of specialization.

  1. Article and Blog Writing

This is currently the most common aspect of content writing, and most people who regard themselves as content writers (general writing) fall in this category. It is simply the art of writing articles or blog posts for publication. This can be your blog or a corporate business blog. Generally, blog writers are not supper paid, like most other specialization on this list, but the job stream is high. Which means you will always get jobs if you are good at it.

Meanwhile, if you are not comfortable with the payment, you can consider starting your personal blog or serve as guest posts to some blogs that pay pretty high. You can also use some bloggers blog like Medium, Semite, Opera news, and others. But of course, the payment is petty, because they are the hosting website generate traffic for you.

  1. Science and Medical Writing

Science and medical writing can both be classified as a freelance writing niche and specialization. It requires some medical knowledge to avoid misinforming the audience, especially when discussing something that can endanger their health.

As such, it is only recommended for people in the medical field. Common categories of medical writing are sexual health, mental health, and others.  The payment is great and quite attractive if you are naturally good at it.

  1. Speech Writing

Speech writing is another high paying specialization that a freelance writer can venture in. It is less common these days, which means with effective targeting marketing, you can get streams of jobs. And the good news is the payment is high.

A professional scriptwriter might choose to specialize in a particular niche to target a specific group of people. However, whichever field you delve into, you will need some snippet of creativity to keep the audience engaged.


All the types of freelance writing that made up this list can still be broadened or sub-categorized, depending on the writer’s preference. Moreover, you can marge some of this specialization together, like creative writing and speech writing. However, it would be unprofessional if you decide to bundle all of them together. Choose your specialty base on your expertise and experience. It makes your work super easy!


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