How To Boost Your Site Traffic With Social Media

Having a website is an excellent step in owning an online business, but unfortunately, this is only a FIRST step towards getting massive success from this business.

As a right business person in this digital age, it is of no doubt that you need to have a website for many reasons ranging from:

  • It helps you establish credibility and authority as a prominent and successful business.
  • It helps market your business to your target audience easier.
  • A website serves as a medium for you to communicate your brand message to your audience and educate them.
  • You can use your online presence through a website to offer support and customer service to your customers.
  • Having a website will help you make sales, and this would be done in a cost-effective way that maximizes your profits.
  • Most importantly, a website would serve as a touchpoint between your business and many of your potential customers. It is allowing you to reach many people.

These and many more benefits your business stand to gain from owning and maintaining a “Digital Storefront” makes it a “must Have” for you. The website gives you access to virtual visitors who are eager and willing to buy what you have to sell.


Almost 4.5 Billion people are surfing the internet right now, and a good portion of this virtual traffic can be your customer. The problem now lies in attracting them to “SEE” your brand and engage with it.

The idea of having a website is not the main problem nowadays; most businesses have one. The issue is how to drive traffic to your destination. Suppose you’re not a seasoned digital marketer yourself. In that case, there is a large possibility that you must have struggled with getting people to notice your brand amongst the millions of attention-competing brands online.


Do you think why this is “so hard”? The reason is not far-fetched; we are faced with a ton of information and disinformation in the online space. This has been so crafted by professionals who are incredibly talented in getting people’s attention.

You now see many gurus hawking “the latest proven traffic system” to get your money and not give you the results you crave and need. The main question now would be, “How do I get people to notice me in this over-crowded digital space.”

It is getting increasingly difficult to get noticed online, and it is a monumental task due to the many distractions competing for people’s attention. To overcome this “Noise,” you can employ some time tested and trusted principles to get results.

This is NOT about some “latest hacks,” “traffic tricks,” or some” secret”; No. This is about implementing trusted strategies some of the most prominent online marketers use for the world’s largest corporations to create authority and drive traffic for them over time.


Let’s get some things straight first; however, as a beginner, you don’t have authority yet, and hence you don’t have Google’s trust just yet. To get this much-needed trust from Google and other search engines, you need time, and it doesn’t happen “overnight.”

But then, if you apply some of these strategies, you are assured of getting results. All you need is a fundamental knowledge of how traffic works and how to implement these strategies to your peculiar business. We’re talking about Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, etc.


While having traffic is excellent, you need to get some things right first. Otherwise, your traffic and lead generation efforts will be almost useless as you will either be:

  • Getting leads that are not interested in what you offer.
  • Losing these leads before you get them to take your desired action, e.g., buy from you.

It would be best if you captured these leads directly into a conversion funnel – to help you sell your products or service on autopilot. Therefore, this funnel has to be properly set up before you kickstart your traffic generation efforts.

Getting Started with Social Media for Business

Using Social media to drive traffic is a potent strategy to use in this modern digital age. Social Media is home to over 3.4 Billion active monthly users, and it is the primary source of traffic for many big eCommerce brands.

Social media will get you results faster than other traditional means of generating traffic. And it also comes with an option for you to target those that are explicitly interested in your business.

The main concerns here would then be how to “strike a conversation,” “increase the visibility of your social media posts,” “engage your audience,” and “generate leads through consistent digital engagement.”


Understanding the Sources of Website Traffic

Traffic generation to a website can be from either of two sources:

  • Organic Sources: it is usually free and is a result of unpaid/organic search results.
  • Paid Media Buying: This is the opposite of organic sources and refers to visits generated by paid ads.

To succeed using either of these strategies, you need to be Well Organized and professionally present your offer from the beginning.

As a newbie in the world of traffic generation for business using social media, you might wrongly assume that the only options you have are the “known giants” like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Although they are fantastic options and necessary for any business, you must be aware of other options out there, such as;

  • Pinterest (for sharing visual content, like images and infographics)
  • Reddit (to show your expertise in a niche with your audience)
  • Tumblr (to support your main website using multimedia files)
  • Google+ (To boost SEO by sharing content on Google’s platform)

To decide which platform to use and focus on out of the myriad of options available, you need to research your target audience and get to know the media they spend most of their time on. Most of your target audience’s platform is most active on will give you an idea of the one to invest in to get the most benefit from.

Strategies Maximize your Traffic Generation Efforts Using Social Media

I’ll be discussing these strategies under two sections based on the source of traffic.



  • Fill in your Profile: This is the first thing people notice when they check your social media accounts, so it has to be optimized with your customers in mind.  A good social media profile can drive the right amount of traffic to your website.

Whether it is your Twitter Bio, Facebook account “About Us Section” or your LinkedIn “Company Page,” your profile should show a piece of detailed information about your business. Make sure to include a link to your website for them to further get more details from there and better engage with your brand.

The website should also have links directing visitors to your social media profiles.


  • Engage with your target audience on a daily and consistent basis. This will improve the way they perceive your brand to be trustworthy and give you visibility.

Social media users see brands with consistency across different platforms as trustworthy and fit to do business with, which is what you should aim for as a business-oriented brand.

Your post’s frequency on social media platforms should vary, though, based on your employing strategy. Different factors you should consider include


The region, Target Audience, Day of the week, Content and Content-Type, Profile Bio, and Hashtags Trending. Test different rates of making posts and the engagements you receive to decide on a final post frequency.

After testing and retesting to get a post frequency that works best for your target audience, stick with and do not deviate from it.


  • Create a Facebook Page dedicated to your business and build a community around it: Facebook remains one of the best sources of traffic from the digital space (both organic and paid). Hence, it is elementary traffic generation practice to build a strong presence on Facebook by having a business page.

Create one and share your blog posts and also remember to optimize the page for website clicks by adding Call-To-Actions that would drive these leads to your website.

Having a page that links directly to your website can boost the website traffic by up to 245% in a year. The content you post on the Facebook page should be engaging and colorful.


  • Use Instagram to drive Traffic: Instagram is one of the best platforms that enjoy massive user engagement in the social media space, and it, in turn, guarantees sales if adequately employed.

The use of hashtags customized for your brand will earn you at least 10X higher engagements than other social media platforms. This is why you should include it in your social media marketing strategy.

Strategies you could use in optimizing your Instagram marketing plan includes;

  1. Using short but engaging videos that include your website URL in your posts.
  2. Include hard-to-resist CTAs in your posts
  • Partner with influencers with millions of followers to reach a larger audience when you make your posts.
  1. Do giveaways and include extra bonuses and discount codes that will encourage them to land on your website.
  2. Make sure to join in on trends and include their hashtags in your posts.
  • Don’t Overlook LinkedIn as a business that directly serves the business-to-business industry
  • LinkedIn is a crowded community for professionals who are on the lookout for solutions for the many problems they face.

Positioning yourself as a solution-provider will definitely make it easy for you to contact those interested in your business. This is why you have to include links to your website in your LinkedIn profile. You can also email your website content to your connections using the LinkedIn email.

Engage with your network, and commenting on informative posts, and giving personal reviews to posts with large engagements will increase your brand authority.

  • Participate in Groups:

    Join groups related to your niche and stand s high chance of getting a high population of your target audience. There are many forums where people with the same interests gather, and they have shown interest in the kind of products you sell. These forums can be on Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Linked In, etc. these platforms can serve as a good source of traffic for your site.

Note their interests, characteristics, and all other demographical data that can serve as an aid to help you when deciding on the kind of groups to join.

Once you join these groups, try to present yourself – or your business as Experts and influencers. This is a smart way of promoting your brand and also gaining their trust.


Social Media Advertising is an effective way of reaching vast numbers of people and getting them to engage with your brand.

But getting this traffic to go to your website from your social handles might be a difficult task. That is why it is advisable to experiment with paid social media buying if you have the marketing budget; this is relatively cheap compared to the immense benefits you stand to gain from these “ads,” where the average cost-per-click ranges from $0.4 to $0.75.

Some Strategies you can employ includes:

  • Purchase Facebook Ads: Making just organic posts on Facebook won’t give many results. The Facebook algorithm is actively prioritizing the posts made by those running ads over those made by those depending on just organic posts.

Most of the posts you make won’t be seen by the majority of your target audience. This is why to be truly useful with your ads. You have to run Facebook ads. This ad should be tested to make sure it is sustainable and profitable for your business.

  • Run Google Ads and Leveraging on The Retargeting Option It Offers: Google ads is a very fast and efficient way of increasing a website’s traffic from highly intentional searches on search engines.

Google Retargeting is also a great way of getting NOT just traffic, but also it gives you the ability to focus on people who have visited your site before but, for differing reasons, left without taking the desired action. You can choose to market to them specifically to get them to convert.

Other paid media buying platforms that promise terrific results includes:

  • Twitter ads
  • Instagram ads
  • YouTube ads
  • LinkedIn ads
  • Reddit ads etc.


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