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Sales Copywriting – A Must-Have for All Businesses

Sales copywriting can make or mar your business. Your entrepreneurial and communication skills influence how well you communicate with your customers.

Good copywriting evokes emotions, answers questions, and direct your visitors towards the sale.

Customers typically go through specific phases before they purchase your product or consult your service.

In this article, we will focus on why you need good sales copywriting for your business.

Quick tip:

A customer typically passes 3 different phases before making a purchase.

  1. Awareness Phase

The first phase is the Awareness Phase. Your customer realizes the need for your product and how important it is to have it. However, your customer doesn’t know you yet.

  1. Consideration Phase

The second phase is the Consideration Phase. This is when the customer begins to research what product would solve his/her problem. Let’s say the customer wants to buy a washing machine. He or she checks the internet for digital shopping sites. Such customers will definitely check customer reviews, find the About Us page, and source other sites. The consideration phase is like the most important. Having a great copywriting skill with a bend of SEO will give you a significant edge over your competition here.

  1. Decision Phase

The third phase is the Decision Phase. At this junture, the customer will choose any online platforms to buy his/her product. This can be an independent website like DigitalPud or a freelance platform like Fiverr.

Whichever way the customer chooses is based on three things?

  1. The web content or sales copy
  2. How appealing your website looks
  3. The quality and consistency of the seller through customer reviews

The most important is customer reviews and the sales copy.

Your sales copy attracts your customer first before he/she reads customer reviews. This is the reason why you need a sales copywriter who can make your business grow with effective sales copywriting.

Who Is a Sales Copywriter?

A copywriter creates compelling and persuasive sales copy to sell products, educate and engage customers through different products available for sale. A sales copywriting is persuasive, and the art applies to product descriptions, newsletters, banner advertising, social media platform advertisement, etc.

Sales copywriters also brainstorm concepts and develop stories. They work with the marketing team and other creative departments to enhance their communication strategies.

Hence, a sales copywriter also needs to be a professional writer to express the essential details.

Tip: You can read my previous article on how to write a compelling sales copy.

How to do great copywriting for sales funnel?

An essential aspect of a sales funnel is copywriting. The knowledge of sales funnels itself can be applied into copywriting. The process entails the creation of words that impress prospective customers through the funnel.

A significant sales funnel copywriting encourages your prospects and customers to share their contact details with you, become loyal to consulting your service and products, and become your long-term customers.

An effective sales funnel captures a steady stream of your visitors and turns them into customers or lovers of your business. Because of this, you need to focus on using the words choice that resonates with your readers.

Possibly, use words and imbibe emotions that spark a response in the reader, based on their position in the funnel, to keep them engaged until they obey your call to action.

An effective sales funnel copywriting focuses on the generative motivations all customers have, their potential relationship with your business, and the emotions you have to evoke in them. A compelling sales funnel copywriting builds a system that enhances sales.

Five essential things your sales funnel copywriting should focus on sales funnel copywriting

  1. Awareness: Your business must have the proper keywords your potential customers are searching for to acquire your services.
  2. Interest: here, potential customers sign up for your services or product for a trial.
  3. Decision: Here, the potential customer is interested in your service. He or she will weigh the pricing, features, and other options.
  4. Action: The customer makes a purchase.
  5. Retention: As a business owner, it’s important to maintain a healthy relationship. By this, he/she will patronize you again and recommend you to others.

An example of a good sales funnel copywriting includes a landing page, an ad on Facebook or Google linking to a website, a series of automated emails for customers, a compelling Call to Action button and a purchase link, etc. All these make the buyer feel confident, safe, and comfortable to do business with you.

Importance of Sales Copywriting for Business

Countless online entrepreneurs fail while trying to sell their innovative products and services. They often overlook the need to give their potential customers the contents they need.

The content every customer looks for in an online trading platform is an effective and direct sales copy that reveals what the site is about.

Many online sites focus on building a fabulous website with terrific designs. Yeah, this is vital! However, popping irrelevant ads, flashing popups and confusing messages, etc. without showing the reader what they sell is wrong.

The primary goal of a landing page or newsletter article is to make visitors take immediate action.

A sales copy that gear your visitor to patronize your services. Many entrepreneurs promote information to enhance their sales, which is what you do too. Also, sales copywriting is vital because:

  1. It provides a good understanding of your business to the readers and helps drive sales.
  2. Builds your brand image through compelling copy and value-driven content.
  3. Provides a unique purview into your audience’s mind.


Why Your Business Needs a Sales Copywriter

  1. Businesses Need a Copywriter to Increase Profits

Copywriters know the keywords your business requires for growth. Involving them in writing your sales copy will generate more income for you, the more visitors visit your website. Also, a compelling sales copy sells your products with its vivid descriptive features.

  1. A Sales Copy Familiarizes Your Visitors with Your Business

A sales copywriter knows the information available, and visitors can quickly decide what to do by scanning the website. A good copywriter employs the technique to capture your audience and make them spend time on your website until they obey the call to action.

  1. Businesses Need a Copywriter to be Competitive

The marketing space is a very competitive place. This is why your business needs a copywriter who can professionally produce contents that compete with websites that offer the same services. Also, an experienced copywriter knows the readers’ minds, and he exploits this in copywriting.

Akinwale Peace Akindayo
Akinwale Peace Akindayo
Akinwale Peace Akindayo (AKA Philip Peace) writes poetry, creative nonfiction, and essays from a small room in North Central Nigeria. He is a publisher on Barren Magazine, Agbowo Art Magazine, African Writer, Ngiga Review & elsewhere. He tweets via Peace Akinwale.
Akinwale Peace Akindayo
Akinwale Peace Akindayo

Akinwale Peace Akindayo (AKA Philip Peace) writes poetry, creative nonfiction, and essays from a small room in North Central Nigeria. He is a publisher on Barren Magazine, Agbowo Art Magazine, African Writer, Ngiga Review & elsewhere. He tweets via Peace Akinwale.

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