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Content curation: How To Rewrite Content and get indexed

Value! Yes, you got that right. The single secret to curating content that will get exponentially better traffic than its source…is to pack it with value. Well, with good tactics of SEO as well.

How then do you ensure that your rewritten content has significantly more value and gets more traffic than the source? Pay attention, and you will learn how in elementary steps. But first, let me tell you about Joe.

Joe runs a blog on social media marketing. And he has decided to write a blog post on the “importance of social media influencer”.

Like any diligent writer, the first thing he does is to do a bit of research. He finds hundreds of articles already on social media marketing and realizes sooner what most content writers do – that no content is new!

What’s more, he finds out that many of these articles teach a more straightforward and efficient method on effective social media influencer marketing techniques than he knew.

So, what does Joe do?

No, he didn’t give up and sit on his ass! Although he might as well have. Because Joe simply took what he perceived as the best article and started changing the individual words and phrases in a bid to create a unique “dub.” 

If this is your approach to rewriting content, then you will find your post at the bottom of the barrel in a Google search, as Joe did. This is not rewriting. It is called “content spinning.” And not only will search engines penalize you for it. Your readers would know it does not feel right.

Joe’s situation is one that most content writers experience. You find out that several sources have already written what you want to, and they have done an even better job than you intended to. You might be tempted to follow Joe’s path or simply give up.

Well, here I am with a ray of sunshine. You can curate content without spinning. While still getting more traffic than the source. Now pay attention.

How to curate content and get indexed in Google search

Pay attention to learn the secrets of creating high quality and super engaging rewrites in very simple and short steps.

  1. Ultra Specific

The first step to doing this is being ULTRA SPECIFIC.

After going through your source-content, your content stands out when it is more specific. And by that, I mean to target a more particular audience. You see, most contents speak to a general audience. The most effective way of creating unique content is to be laser specific. 

  1. Be More Specific! 

Was your source material specific?

Well, you have to be even more precise! You can do this by targeting a smaller demographic. You only know the right audience to target through research. So, get your audience right.

Figure out what a specific group needs and use it to narrow down your audience. 

The beauty of being super is that your personal experiences are put to better use. You can write around your own specific struggles, hindrances, and solutions, rather than trying to tell your audience how to make apple ciders. Tell them how you made apple cider without a seal on the jar.

And make sure the specificity reflects in your title! No, seriously. This is SEO basics.

  1. Offer Value!

Now, let’s talk about VALUE. A value-driven contents mean no fluffs, no platitudes—just value. Now, you have to be careful not to write a bland, watery post no one wants to read. Suppose you have to choose between exciting and providing value. Be interesting without a second thought.

Curating content means you already have someone do the hard parts for you. Someone already gathered the facts and specifics. Getting larger traffic now is a function of how you present the information.

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  1. Create Great Headlines

You start delivering value right from the title of your write-up. We already talked about being ultra-specific. Your headline must not just communicate the value of your write-up to the reader; it must also be engaging.

Don’t be afraid of using a longer headline, as long as it is easy to read and draws attention. Rework vital points, facts, information, processes, etc., into sub-headings.

After reading through your source article, you must highlight the vital information, which you can then use to create sub-headlines in your own content. This also makes for good SEO.

You can also use a list. Lists are easier to follow than just plain paragraphs. Guide the reader through your content. Open the article by letting the reader know what you intend to cover within it. 

  1. Simple Clear Terms

Write in SIMPLE. CLEAR. TERMS. And close with a brief summary of what you just covered. Be interesting. I mean it. No one wants to read a boring text.

One way to be more interesting is to have a tone. A unique voice and perspective on the topic. Write the way you speak – except you speak “boring”. Readers will flow with you easily and engage with your content better.

Chances are that most content ideas you will have would have been written by someone else. Making rewrites that get better engagement is a matter of how specific you are. As well as how you present the value you have to offer.

Taiwo Sotikare
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