top 5 online businesses you can start with little or no capital


Starting an online business has never been as easy as it is these days. It is one of the many golden offers the emancipation of the internet affords us.

With fabulous tools and the likes of Shopify, WordPress, Social Media, Freelance Platforms, and many more… You can become a self-publish author on Amazon KDP.

You can comfortably kick start your online businesses in the comfort of your home without hurdles.

Billions of people already amass wealth and fortune through this process. And it is never late to join these great fellows. 

What exactly is Online Business?

Online Business, otherwise called e-business, is any commercial or business activity carried out through the internet without direct contact between the service provider and the customer.

Online businesses cover both products and services. Products can be shipped in or transferred within the country.

This can be done through different courier service providers like HDL, FedEx, ErrandEx, and many more.

Most online services do not require direct contact with the end customers. Thus, services in these categories can be maintained without a direct human connection between the service provider and recipient.

Why Online Business?

I have been into several online businesses, mini and large incorporation. Started my freelance career as a sophomore student at the university.

I have partnered with several start-up online companies, including TheGentries, Pecan Crew. Currently serving as the chief editor at DigitalPud.

My experience with online businesses has no limit, and I am excited to tell you your prospect of being successful in online businesses has no limit.

Moreover, online businesses afford you the luxury to do other things you enjoy. It’s the perfect side-income you need. 

The Top 5 Online Business You Can Start with Little or No Cost at All

  1. Freelance Business

Freelancing is one of the easiest ways to earn money online.

Every man has an innate skill and talent that is marketable. This digital skill is essential in the freelance industry. If you’re a writer, graphic designer, architect, songwriter, or playwright, this is for you.

Several people are willing to pay good money for the services you offer for free. Many people write for their friends without getting anything in return.

Not even an accolade!

You probably don’t know there is a price tag attached to your service; now, all you need to do is to market your skill.

Many freelance platforms allow transactions between freelancers and buyers/clients.

You can reach a vast number of people who will pay for your digital skills willingly. If you have mastered your skills, you are already on the train to start earning big from your home’s comfort.

You can create a portfolio website and market your skills to potentials clients. Or brand your services on social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., and create an easy way for people to contact you.

You can as well join freelance platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Behance, and many more. Thousands of people are waiting to purchase your skills. Market it!

  1. Blogging

If you have broad knowledge of any subject and enjoy writing about it, blogging might be the right online business for you.

For example, you’re fascinated about mental health, LGBTQ, or domestic and sexual violence awareness, or romance.

You can start a blog and write articles on theses subject. With a service like, you can secure a free site and later get a low-cost hosting platform.

Perhaps you do not really enjoy writing, relax! Blogging isn’t all about writing. You can do anything on your blog: you can even make it a photography or video blog.

This means that you’ll share all sorts of images and videos, depending on your target audience’s interest.

The important thing about blogging is that your content must be original! Google places a high priority on original content; it will enhance your ranking on Google.

You can monetize your blog by using Google AdSense or other advertisement channels. You can even join an affiliate marketing program online.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Many social media influencers do not know how they can convert their massive followers to money.

If you have active 20,000, even 5,000 followers on Twitter or Instagram or YouTube. You can partner with brands and big businesses.

All you have to do is to market their products on your social media pages and get paid for every sale they make through your referral.

You already have the traffic; the next thing is to convert it to money. Interact with your audience with creative and engaging content. Make them understand the value of the product you are marketing.

  1. V-blog

Several video sharing platforms pay you for creating video content. These video sharing platforms generate enough traffic to sustain you and other million video creators on the platform. All you have to do is ride on it.

YouTube is the most popular of the many video-sharing platforms.

However, we have other popular video-sharing platforms, like Twitch, Vevo, Flickr, etc. You can create video content on anything you enjoy: poetry, comedy, movie review, digital skill training, language courses, and many more.

Additionally, You can also venture into creating podcasts, a music advertisement channel, poetry or music review series, a cat show or an entertainment gist channel.

Look for the things that interest you. And at the same time, something you know people have a flair for. It is an opportunity to invest in things people enjoy seeing and get paid for it.

To make money, create a YouTube account, and enable monetization. You have to upload videos, and you can even allow Google AdSense to market other products before showing your videos.

You can also be paid through sponsorship on YouTube. When you have a massive following, companies and individuals will pay you to market their products. All you need is your smartphone, a good camera, a perfect audio tool, and simple editing software for the video creation process.

  1. Create Digital Products

Creating digital products for sale is one of the best online businesses you can start with little or no capital. The internet is a place for a plethora of knowledge and information.

People want to know what they don’t know yet. If you advertise a product well, they get curious and want to know what is inside the product.

You can market products like audio courses, recorded teleconferences, or interviews with famous and favourite personalities.

Furthermore, you can market videos or webinars across different fields. Or sell eBooks on self-help, literature, entrepreneurship, etc.

Creating and selling digital products can be a source of income for you, and it is sustainable. Additionally, you can create a digital publishing platform for emerging writers and musicians.

When you publish these budding talents, they can pay for your services, and you can also earn just by having those platforms.

There are many e-commerce small business ideas, but the above are of high importance for average persons. One thing you must never forget is that consistency is vital.

You can accumulate any amount of money only if you’re consistent and dedicated to money-making.   


The internet space today has provided the luxury of a work atmosphere anywhere in the world.

You can work on your laptop or iPad, even from your restroom. You do not need to wear a suit and tie while talking with a client if you’re into affiliate marketing.

This means that you control the media, and your clients wait for you to make things happen. Through the internet, your business can grow depending on your commitment and dedication.

You can also gain experience by working on your choice’s business idea, which means that you’ll earn so much as you’ve imagined with time and commitment.

Akinwale Peace Akindayo
Akinwale Peace Akindayo
Akinwale Peace Akindayo (AKA Philip Peace) writes poetry, creative nonfiction, and essays from a small room in North Central Nigeria. He is a publisher on Barren Magazine, Agbowo Art Magazine, African Writer, Ngiga Review & elsewhere. He tweets via Peace Akinwale.
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Akinwale Peace Akindayo

Akinwale Peace Akindayo (AKA Philip Peace) writes poetry, creative nonfiction, and essays from a small room in North Central Nigeria. He is a publisher on Barren Magazine, Agbowo Art Magazine, African Writer, Ngiga Review & elsewhere. He tweets via Peace Akinwale.

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