how to register a payoneer account
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How to open a Payoneer from anywhere

Payoneer is one of the most popular channels of receiving funds outside Nigeria. It is pretty popular among Freelancers, Affiliate Markers, Bloggers, Drop shippers, and many more. 

The company was established in 2005 for cross-border B2B payments and had grown to other aspects, including borrowing their customers some working capital.

What is Payoneer

Payoneer is an online financial institution that offers online payment portals and money transfer to large and small businesses, including freelancers and bloggers.

It is the second most popular online financial service provider after Paypal and arguably the most secure and convenient payment platform for Freelancers and Bloggers in all over the world.

How to open a Payoneer Account from anywhere in the world?

Opening a Payoneer is very easy and straightforward. It doesn’t require any registration fee or VPN. All you need is ya valid ID card and active email address.

  • Active Email Address
  • Valid Government Issued ID Card
  • Correct Mobile number
  • Home address and Postal/ Zip code

Let’s begin…

Follow this link to enter the Payoneer registration page. You will see a page like the one above. Click on the Sign-Up & Earn $25* button. You would be taken to a page where you can choose whether it is an individual account or a company. 

Suppose you are a freelancer, blogger, Amazon trading, and other related services. Choose individual. And if you are opening it for an online business, you can click on company.

Individual Payoneer Account

To open a personal Payoneer Account

Enter your First name, Last Name. Email Address, Re-enter Email Address, and Date of Birth. 

Enter your address a correct home address, including your postal code, enter an exact phone number for verification. 

Set your password, security question, and answer (ensure it is not something secure. It is not a must that the answer should be direct correct to the question).

The essence of the security question is to heighten your account security against theft. Provide your ID details, including.

Provide your local bank account details. Ensure it is correct. 

Once done, click on, wait for few minutes for Payoneer approval mail where you would be directed on the next thing to do.

Please note that Payoneer promises you a $25 referral bonus after you must have earned $1000. 

Meanwhile, they forgot to tell you that you must receive this $1000 within a year to be eligible for this bonus.

If you are the types that always open accounts you do not need, all because of the referral bonus, you might need to give this a second thought.

Are you REALLY going to earn over $1000 within a year?

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How to withdraw your Money on Fiverr with Payoneer

Before you could have thought of withdrawing your money on Fiverr, I am sure you are a freelancer on the platform and have earned some money there. Smiles. Else, you can just skip this part.

Go to revenue

Click on Fiverr revenue card, with Payoneer logo,

Click on it. You will be required to provide your number on Fiverr for verification. Afterward, connect your Payoneer accounts by entering your Payoneer email account.

Ensure the email is correct. Note that neither the two companies will be responsible for any mistake that occur during the transaction.

Fiverr will send a verification mail to mail. Click on it and wait for your fund. It should deliver in less than 10 minutes. 

How to withdraw your money on Upwork with Payoneer

There are two ways you can withdraw your money on Upwork. You can register directly through the email address or enter your regular bank details.

Both methods are effective; however, one is quite faster. 

To register normally. 

Go to your Upwork account and click add means of payment 

Enter your Payoneer Email address (withdrawal might attract $1 or 2 $2.

Suppose you want to use the bank method. Click on the Bank withdrawal method, add the name, account number, and the name of the bank as entered in your Payoneer account. 


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