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Fiverr and Upwork are the largest freelancing websites. The two platforms serve the same purpose: to connect people to freelancers that can handle their projects. They both have similar features but different styles of operation.


Upwork looks more like a job advertisement website, where individuals and businesses can advertise their jobs to interested freelancers. While Fiverr is more or less like a marketplace where freelancers showcase their skills for people that are interested in their services.  As such, one can say Fiverr connects People to Freelancers that can handle their jobs while Upwork connects Freelancers to people that need their services. Guess that is why the two platforms have their unique glossary words.

Freelancers on Fiverr are regarded as Sellers while Clients on Upwork are known as Buyer. The name of services offered on Fiverr is known as gigs. Interesting right? Guess that is why the two freelancing websites have different glossary terms.


Talking about which one is better between Fiverr and Upwork is entirely based on individual preference. I have worked as a freelancer on the two freelancing websites, and they are both outstanding. Though, I kind of prefer Fiverr to Upwork.

Upwork seems to be better for People that have been on the platform for a year or two, while Fiverr is cool for beginners. This is because Upwork uses connect system where freelancers have to buy connects before they can apply for a job. Obviously, these connects are not expensive, especially when you consider the amount of money you can make in return. In fact, you shouldn’t compare it!

However, this might not be the case for a new freelancer who does not any prior experience on Upwork. He doesn’t have any review; he doesn’t have any idea on how to write a great cover letter. He probably doesn’t know the type of samples he should attach when applying for jobs. All he has is the 20 free connects that finish on just four jobs.

Meanwhile, a freelancer on Fiverr gets ten (10) free buyer request slots that he to apply for about ten (10) jobs every day. Plus, it is easier to showcase your gigs on Fiverr, than Upwork. Which means there are more chances for buyers to discover his gigs.

At the same time, an experienced freelancer on Upwork with a perfect job success rate is more likely to earn much more money than a seller with an equivalent account on Fiverr. How? Because it is easier to target high paying jobs on Upwork than Fiverr.

I know this is confusing already. This is it: Clients often indicate their budget when posting their jobs on Upwork. As such, an experienced freelancer with excellent job success rate will focus more on high paying jobs. And since his Upwork profile is great already, competing with other freelancers will be quite straightforward.

Unlike Fiverr that most of the sellers and buyers still hold unto the $5 ideology. Don’t get it wrong. I am not saying you can’t bid high on Fiverr. You can! You can put any amount you feel like on your gigs price. But will Fiverr clients pay for it when they keep seeing similar gigs with cheaper price tags? And the funny thing is that those gigs have more reviews than you yours. They charge less; apparently, they get more jobs, which add up to their reviews and gig ranking.

Though he might have to do three jobs to earn the same amount you would earn on a single gig, he would still have more reviews than you. And ironically, the good client that is willing to pay you well will be confused about which one to settle for.


Another case study is the Fiverr buyer request page. It is quite similar to the Upwork job feed. Fiverr buyers post their jobs for interested sellers to apply. But the sad thing is 80% of the jobs there is a total turn off. The prices there are ridiculous, and at the same time, the competition is high. You will see about 50 sellers applying for a job of $10 for 5000 words article. I guess that is why the Upwork style of streamlining the number of freelancers they accept makes sense.


Once again, the two platforms are great, and they are both worthy of conversation. However, I think Upwork is preferable for clients than Fiverr. Upwork has features for clients to communicate with clients through call—both video and audio call, which is a unique feature missing on Fiverr.

Furthermore, Upwork permit freelancer and clients to exchange their private contacts like Skype Id, email, WhatsApp number, zoom, etc. Again, this is not allowed on Fiverr, as it is against their terms of services. And most clients prefer this because they believe they would feel more secure and comfortable to discourse their project. And communication is also an essential part of businesses.

Another essential factor one can reason with is the way the two platforms work. Clients post jobs on Upwork and state their budget and requirement. As such, freelancers with related skills can apply for the work along with their job samples. Thanks to the connect system, freelancers lack the confidence that they can’t do the jobs wouldn’t bother to apply. What is the point in wasting money on jobs you aren’t sure you can complete? As such, clients can easily scrutinize applicants that can do the task. Often time, the applicants are less than 10.

Meanwhile, a Fiverr buyer that sees about 100 gigs with a similar rating will be confused on which gig to order. They probably all have excellent reviews, but that doesn’t mean they can all do the task to your satisfaction. And the buyer request page is out of the conversation because close to 100 sellers will apply, giving you another headache to scrutinize the good ones.

But on the right side, you have several options, which is a great thing. I advise Clients to go for freelancers that charge well on Fiverr. They are confident on the quality of their works, that is why they have the audacity to charge high. Settling for cheap work and at the same time expecting quality service is unmanly. How on earth would you ask a seller to write a 1000 words article for $5?


Creating an account as a freelancer on Upwork is more straightforward than Fiverr. Virtually anyone can create an Upwork account in less than 20 minutes. But the adverse side is that Upwork often rejects new freelancers accounts. It is one of their styles of streamlining the number of freelancers working on their platform. Meanwhile, you can enroll for the DigitalPud Freelance Training on how to create an approved Upwork account.

Fiverr, on the other hand, require some experience or guidance before you can create a good account. A friend once told me he spent over 5 hours to open his Fiverr accounts, along with his first gig. I know it sounds like an exaggeration, but it is a truth.

Many people got stuck when creating their Fiverr account, as well as their first gig. And this is why I often recommend people to register for the DigitalPud Freelance Training Package. The tutors will guide you through how to create a perfect Fiverr and Upwork account at ease. They would also give some proven strategies on how to get sweet deals on the platforms.


Doing some freelance works on Fiverr and Upwork has helped me to understand the two platforms well. Likewise, making use of the two freelancing websites as clients for some of my projects allows me to talk in the client’s perspective. The two platforms are great. I can always recommend them to anyone – both as a freelancer and as well and as a client.

Taiwo Sotikare
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