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The freelance writing business is evergreen. There are hundreds of ways you can make money as a freelance writer. You could start a blogger, join a freelance platform, or even become a self– publisher on Kindle.  

Many of these methods of making money as a freelance writer are not entirely new, so you must have heard about some of them. However, you probably don’t know much about it and which is the aim of this article; to expose you to some practical process of how to become a professional freelance writer.


  1. Join a Freelance Platform

    There are several freelance websites where you can market your writing gigs to people and businesses that need it. Fiverr and Upwork are the most popular, and registration is free.

    You can also make use of the likes of LinkedIn or Facebook. However, it is important you optimize your LinkedIn account to help you get more job offers. You can also build hundreds of connections with people that need your writing services.

  2. Startup Your Blog

    Having your blog exposes you to a lot of opportunities of making money as a freelance writer. You can use Google AdSense, join Affiliate programs, Sponsored Post, custom ads, or even use it as your freelance contact page. The list is endless.

    And the good news you do not need to know any line of code before you can start a blog. You can make use of Blogger or WordPress. Practically, I recommend WordPress because it is more customizable and easier to optimize for Search Engines.

  3. Become a Kindle Publisher

    The days of looking for a renowned publisher to publish your books are over. These days, you can self-publish your book with kindle direct publishing and start making money immediately.

    The truth is, you have more chances of reaching more buyers as a Kindle publisher than the traditional publishing. And you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to publish and promote your books. With Kindle Publishing, you can earn about $39 every day.

  4. Build a Portfolio Website

    Building a writing portfolio website is one of the most popular means freelance writers market their services. It is quite similar to number two, but the style of operation is different. In this case, you do not need to blog as much as the first one. Instead, you set up a business or portfolio website where you showoff your writing services.

    You can use some paid or free ads to reach your potentials. A well-paid advertisement can be Google ad word, Facebook, Instagram, and AdSense. I barely recommend twitter, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Email is also an effective method of getting customers. It is my favorite because It helps you tailor the email directly to the receiver.

    Make money as a Freelance Writer

  5. Contribute Content to get Paid

    Some websites and blogs pay over 100 dollars to publish your content as a Guest Post and still offer you the opportunity to backlink to your website. Income Diary and other sites here are worth giving a trial.

    These websites often get entries from several great writers, so it is essential you content meet their qualification before they can publish it. And in case your content is rejected, it is still your content. Feel at peace to improve it and send it to another website that pays people for a guest post. Or publish it as a guest post on DigitalPud along with your bio.

  6. Use Blog Host Website

    Another practical strategy you can use to earn money with your writing skills is to set up your blogs on big and famous websites. These websites are often regarded as social journalism or blog host, making them more appealing because they allow you to build your site on their website and, at the same time, get paid on your articles.

    The difference between this and regular blogging is you don’t have to stress yourself to build your blog nor pay any developer. Plus, it is the hosting platform that helps you source for the audience. All you have to do is optimize your content and probably share in on social media to get more viewers. Popular websites in these categories are Medium, HubPages, Vocal. Media, Steemit, etc.

  7. Participate in Writing Contests

    Different organizations set out writing entries every day, and the prices always range from $100 upward. These entries are worth a trial if you are confident in your writing skills. Plus, they often have special offers attached to it like tours, job offers, and many more.

    Winning these entries is not easy, so ensure you’ve mastered how to write a winning essay contest. Check out if you are comfortable with their requirement. Ensure you verify the validity of the organizers before participating.

  8. Write for Blogs

    Many Blogs like Forbes, HuffPost, DigitalPud, etc. employ content writers to write content for their blogs regularly. These writers are often paid per post. For example, writers on DigitalPud write an article per week, and they get paid at the end of the month.

    This might require some research or connections to know when they are recruiting new writers. Send them a mail offering them your service as a professional content writer. Ensure you attach some writing samples that are related to their niche.

  9. Write for Newspaper and Magazines

Many of the columnists you see in Newspapers do not study journalism in school. Some of them are regular freelance writers that have a passion for writing. They strike some deal with newspaper publishing houses or magazines.

You can also send an application to these Newspapers and magazines to be a columnist. Before that, you could contribute some content to the Newspaper maybe two to three times. From there, they get to be familiar with your writing styles and know if you fit in. 


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