Webfaction payment history
Webfaction payment history (Photo credit: yashh)

I hesitated a lot among several options for hosting a django based web app. After reading a lot of posts, I decided to go with webfaction, because there was a lot of positive feedback from existing customers and they have a two month cost free cancellation policy (that means a two-month free trial period). So, I subscribed.

But then, I changed my mind and thought that I would rather like to try heroku, because there’s some buzz about them and they have good documentation. So, here is my experience with webfaction’s cancellation process: I canceled and less than 1 hour later Paypal informed me that webfaction had refunded me due to their 60-day cost free cancellation program. Then, I received an email from webfaction’s support team telling me that they were sad to see me go and that they thanked me for having provided feedback about the reasons why I left.

Conclusion: I have really appreciated my short experience with webfaction because they were  professional and polite, and they hold the promise of their cost free cancellation guarantee. If, I am not satisfied with heroku, I will definitely come back to them.

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