The amount of personal and sensitive information stored in e-mails is huge, and the risk that someone compromises this information increases with time. So, here is the method to delete old emails from gmail. I also advise you to use a strong password on your emails to prevent identity theft and spying for instance.
  1. First create a filter: you have to go to gmail’s configuration, click on filter, 
  2. then click on create a filter, 
  3. in the “has the words” field, put the filter for the emails you want to delete, for instance “before:2011/12/30” (without the quotes)
  4. Click on create a filter from this search
  5. Choose the action “delete”
  6. Click on the box “also apply to the corresponding XXX discussions”
  7. Validate
  8. Now go to gmail’s trashbin
  9. Click on empty thrashbin
That’s it, you have just deleted all your oldest emails! 
Do you feel more confident about your emails’ privacy? You can, but nevertheless be aware that most of the emails you just deleted are still in the box of the other recipients and of the sender.
NB: It takes a few seconds / minutes to gmail to perform the deletion if you have many mails.

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