Strategies to run Effective Google Adwords Campaign

List Adwords Optimization technique that will help you to run effectively Campaigns.

1.Quality Score
2.Keyword Research
3.Write Compelling Ads
4.Competitor Intelligence
5.Unique Selling Proposition
6.Discount & Offer
7.Conversion Tracking(Tools and Analysis – Conversions)
8.Adwords settings for Success(Search Vs Display)

Here is explaining Adwords Optimization technique that will help you to increase your long term results from Campaigns.

1. Quality Score

Quality score is based on factors which Google considers for determining where the advertisement should be placed on the site. The factors include :

  • Relevance of Ad copy
  • Relevance of Ad to landing pages
  • CTR
  • Account Performance History and others

To get high quality scores you need to have a strong organization. High quality score will help you to get the most out of Adwords and maximize your profit.

2. Keyword Research

Keywords are the terms or phrases entered by the browsers in the search query box. Choosing keywords is an important factor in any online marketing process. Adwords Keyword tool will provide you with right keywords.
Before you start bidding on a keyword you should know whether the keyword is worth your bidding. There are factors to decide this
  • Select a keyword which matches closely with the content of the landing pages
  • Also select negative keywords which will help to streamline your ad
  • Don’t select keywords which rank too high as it will have a heavy competition
  • Selecting the top keyword will also be too expensive
There are a lot of Keyword tool to help you to select the right keywords.
3. Write Compelling Ads
Ads should have very attractive words which should make the viewers click on the advertisement.
There are four important elements of text advertising:
Headline – Need to be very attractive and include your keyword in your headline
Description Line – Describe about your product or service and what are the advantages of it
Display URL – Don’t copy paste your domain name in the ad. Instead include a keyword or USP or anything that will attract your customers to the URL

4.Competitor Intelligence

 KeywordSpy tool : This tool lets you to have easy entry to your competitor’s advertising information.

5. Unique Selling Proposition

USP makes your ad stand ahead of all your competitor’s advertisements. There are three major reasons to create a USP

  • It will drive more traffic to your site
  • Reduces the unwanted clicks
  • It will increase your sales conversion rate
  • Price becomes a secondary factor for the visitors when there is a powerful USP. You can also increase the prices without having to bother about your competitor’s product pricing.

How to create such USP ? Here are few tips:

  • Concentrate on your strengths
  • Get feedback from your customers. Ask them why they do business with you
  • Do a research about your competitor’s strategy
  • Find out for a gap between your competitor’s ads and say something unique and attractive to the customers

6. Conversion Tracking

Tools and Analysis – Conversions You need to track your keywords and ads to know how effectively it is working and to boost up your sales. Conversion tracking helps you to know the amount of sales made through your Adwords campaign.

7. Adwords settings

List of important settings:

  • Search Ad
  • Display Ad
  • Device setting
  • Keyword Match Types
  • Negative Keywords
  • Search term
  • Remarketing
  • Dynamic search ad

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