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How to install peerblock to improve web/p2p privacy in debian?

Peerblock is a program that prevents some peers to connect to your host when you use some P2P application. On Debian I wanted to install something similar, to avoid defining the firewall policies by hand. Moblock is the name of the Debian side solution that corresponds to Peerblock. It’s documented on the source forge page […]

What to buy to implement a raspberry pi based media center?

Raspberry Pi (Photo credit: barbourians) If you want to setup a raspberry-pi based media center, you will need to buy the following elements: A raspberry pi computer An SD card to host the OS of your raspberry pi. 8 Go are sufficient for this. Of course, you will need a way to configure the raspberry pi. […]

Debian clock problems: solution to permanent time shifts problems in the clock

For french people: ce post décrit une solution au problème d’horloge sous debian (squeeze) quand l’horloge de gnome est décalée en permanence d’une ou deux heures. Solution: sudo vim /etc/default/rcS In this file, change the UTC line as follows: UTC=no#UTC=yes Reboot, and the clock should display your local time.

Mounting shares permanently in debian

Have you ever wondered how to mount shares permanently in Debian? That’s a question I see often on forums. In fact it’s simple once you have understood the role and syntax of the famous “/etc/fstab” file. First, get an idea of your disks and partitions:   root@myDebian:/home/toto# df -h -T This command provides the list […]

Debian, what to do if the numerical keypad does not work?

In Debian, what do you do if the numerical keypad does not work? In fact it’s a very common problem! To solve it, you just need to know this killer tip: try pressing shift + numlock instead of just numlock. It works in most cases. Otherwise, your keyboard might be miss-configured and you should have a look […]

How to replicate / export a virtualenv from a machine to another ?

Sudo (Photo credit: Scelus’ Comix) If you code in Python, you probably use virtualenv to maintain a clean setup and avoid problems with different versions of pythons. But sometimes, you need to replicate / export a virtualenv from a machine to another. This post will explain you exactly how to do this. First, use the […]

How to install brother HL 227DW driver on debian x64?

First, a big up to Brother: their printers are excellent, and they provide drivers for Linux! In only hate it that they display a warning before the toner is actually empty… But that’s another story. So in this post, I will explain you how to install brother HL 227DW driver on debian x64. To install […]