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How To Use The New Blogger HTML Editor

The Blogger template editor now includes a number of changes that seem interesting and make it much more friendly than it was. To begin with, what we see now is all the template’s code starting with numbered and colored lines showing us different code snippets: tags, variables, properties, etc.. depending on the HTML, CSS, JavaScript […]

Related Posts Widget with Thumbnails and Summary for Blogger

There are several tutorials quite old in which you have seen different methods for displaying related posts in Blogger like the related posts widget with thumbnails and simple related posts with post titles only. This tutorial, however, will show you how to implement a really awesome Related Posts widget with thumbnails and posts snippets that […]

CSS Basics. How to Apply Rounded Corners On Images #2

In the previous post I have mentioned that we will learn about how to create rounded images using CSS, without needing to edit them one by one using a program. Now that we have seen the basics of CSS, let’s try to apply it on some pictures. What we will do in this tutorial is […]

CSS Basics. How to Apply Rounded Corners On Images #1

This tutorial will explain how to change the outside border of any image by using some simple CSS rules to make it round, but this is so easy doing this, that I’m finally going to make this post for other purposes.The trick today that I’m going to publish in two parts is to help you […]

Add a Different Background For Author Comments in Blogger’s Threaded Comments

In this tutorial we will learn how to highlight the author comments so that they will have a different background color, border, or anything that makes them stand out from the others. To achieve this, we need to add a code in the Blogger’s template and to modify the style according to our preferences.    […]

How to Customize Blogger Comments By Adding a Background Color and Border

The comments are an essential part of any blog as in them readers express their opinions about a post or a blog, thus it is important to spend a little of our time to make this part looking more stylish, accessible and neat. To put our comments in order, we should make each comment easy […]

How to Add a Vintage Style to Images In Blogger using CSS

To get that vintage Instagram effect on your pictures, you don’t have to use a program, now you can use CSS and get a similar result! The following trick will apply a shadow inside the image, add a back border, and on top of the image, add another semitransparent image with a grunge style that […]