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How to check if you respect web design standards and best practices?

webmaster desktop (Photo credit: FSA 2006-07) Do you know how to check if your web page respect web design standards and best practices? If no, the following web page provides a great checklist, which permits you to verify (or discover) if you have designed your website correctly: It may be a good idea too […]

How to know the size (number of row/records) of a mysql database?

In this post, I will show you how to know the size (number of row/records) of a MySql database. I wanted to host an app on heroku. They offer free database for up to 10000 rows. So, I needed to know if my database fits into that limit… $ mysql -u root -p mysql> use […]

How to migrate Django from Mysql to south (the radical way)?

database (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee) I am new to south, and I made some mistakes with it. Fortunately, my database does not contain important data and I can recreate it from scratch. So let’s do it. mysql -u root -p> show databases;> use my_db> show tables; Then i drop my web app‘s tables (and not […]

A first tutorial to learn Basic sql commands – SQL cheatsheet

You can enter the mysql console with: mysql -u root -p   Then you can select a database show databases;use my_db; Then you can see the tables show tables; To see the content of a given table: select * from my_table; To add a column named ’email’ to the table ALTER TABLE table_name ADD email […]

Discovering django on Debian – part 2: configuring django databases

MySQL (Photo credit: Wikipedia) In the previous Django tutorial, we left when a website run locally. Now, we will fill it with content. As always with python, we do not like to repeat ourselves. So if our website has several pages with common information elements, we will not repeat them. Instead, we will store all […]